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    Belly Riot - 2023

    instaCDV 23 book BellyRiot

    Belly Riot, the new photo book by the Belgian art photographer Carmen De Vos, lures you into her daring, imaginative and foxy cosmos. The book captures the beauty and strength of pregnant women in rarely seen and fanciful situations. With its stunning visuals, Belly Riot challenges traditional norms and celebrates women’s right to self-determination.

    The beautifully designed photo book shows a parade of expectant mothers, who embrace their curves and claim their sexuality in a bold and unashamed way. From surreal decors to daring poses, each photo tells a unique story about women’s empowerment, reminding us all to embrace our bodies and celebrate our inner strength.

    Belly Riot is a revolutionary tribute to the courage and resilience of women around the world. A sensual and playful journey into a world of self-discovery, female empowerment and boundless imagination.

    Join the Belly Riot revolution!


    The Eyes of the Fox - 2018

    ^carmendevos TheEyesOfTheFox Cover

    The Eyes of the Fox wander about in a mad land with no rules where shameless and sensual women live their baroque fantasies.

 The Belgian art photographer Carmen De Vos mingles highbrow etiquette with sly, subversive eroticism in her work. She is a fabricator of Foxy Femmes, a purveyor of exquisite odd photo stories. Her Polaroids are refreshingly audacious and aesthetically wicked, pushing the viewers beyond the boundaries of ordinary life.
    Just like a Victorian era shop of curiosities The Eyes of the Fox displays a decade of curiously frivolous Polaroids by Carmen De Vos.

    The Eyes of the Fox – 2018 – Published by [ander]-Zijds Publishing house – 208 p – €50


    TicKL - Erotic Cabinet - 2007 / 2009

    TicKL covers

    Pure. Sensual. Intimate. TicKL was the independent and kinky magazine of Carmen De Vos. A naughty bookazine: plain sensual, frankly arty, the result of a lusty liaison between Polaroid and sex. Horny but heartwarming. Young and playful, literate and witty and so very ready to TicKL your fancy. TicKL was the fruit of intense collaboration between the online Polaroid community, its Belgian editor-in-chief Carmen De Vos and her British right hand, editor-in-mischief Miss Zora Strangefields. We blew minds, and we were good at it.

    Now why would you resist? A rare bundle of all 4 issues for 200 euro + shipping