TsarB 9124 HUMO 2018

Tsar B [10/12]

EmmaPosman 5762 ELLE 2019

Emma Posman [1/6]

Carmen De Vos is a slow photographer. She registers, portrays and thinks up odd stories. She shoots Polaroids to frame these mental escapades, they get so easily out of hand. She enormously longs for what she’s afraid to loose: real human contact, the slowness of being and creating, the tangibility of materials.

First Commandment

Praise be [7/19]

Once upon a time she found herself guilty of home-crafted mischiefs for TicKL, her English art porn Polaroid magazine. She never really got cured from naughtiness. She can’t help but traveling back to these blessed times of free-love photography with her Polaroids.

PrivateDancer 01 Arles 2019

Private Dancer [1/7]

EtienneVermeersch 01 DeMorgen 2010 EOF

Etienne Vermeersch

Mrs.RichardsDarling 03 Paris 2019

Mrs. Richards Darling [3/7]

Due to the increasing rareness of good Polaroid films she started experimenting with digital photography. She seeks a balance in the endless editing possibilities of the digital image, coping with the hilarious twenty-first century obsession with the pseudo-fantastic silicon human being and his utmost perfect body. When does a portrait stop being a portrait before it turns into a self-denying mirage. Perhaps the answer lies in grotesqueness; a struggle she hasn’t won, an answer she has not found yet.

She fails
Fails harder

Tessa Dixson

Tessa Dixson [3/7]

EefjeDeVisser 0875 HUMO 2020

Eefje De Visser [2/5]