Belly Riot

a tad of mischief. Go watch my Parade of Pregnant women, more Perky, brazen and voluptuous than in real life.  Exuberant, but without sin. Powerful and unapproachable. She, and she alone, is the bearer of new life.

Photo Biennale in Ostend, Fort Napoleon. From the 4th of September till October 24th, 2021. Save the Date!

Okita Daels
instaCDV 21 OostendeBiennale Poster 7
instaCDV 21 OostendeBiennale Poster 1
instaCDV 21 OostendeBiennale Poster 4
BambiPangPang TheBride 2014 EOF
Fien Mombaerts
TheEgg 2012 EOF
Blue Lotus
instaCDV 11 Magnus 0102
BambiPangPang 2014 EOF
ZzinstaCDV 31 StefanieCallebaut 000031
instaCDV 10 Boris 06
instaCDV 11 Magnus 11
Bonnie Lotta
instaCDV 16 KatiHeck Vagabond 02
Geisha Minah
La Dolce Far Niente
Dolce Far Niente
Big Friend
instaCDV 21 DMM NeleBernheim cover
instaCDV 21 DMM NeleBernheim 9652
Nathalie D'hooghe